Would you rather have a poke in the eye than attend a networking event?

Stephen Gibson photo“Paul’s networking series has been of immense value to me in a number of ways given my introverted personality. Committing to work with him has given me the kick-in-the-pants I needed to get in action, and gotten me a cheerleader for my efforts and accomplishments. Working with Paul is a pleasure and worth every penny!”
(Stephen Gibson, Architect)
Britt Santowski photo“I’ve never met another person more connected than Paul. And not just is he connected, but each connection hold a meaning and a memory. The program he takes you through in this production will give you incredibly valuable tools that will not just make networking easier, but it will ensure that the connections you make are qualitative. Listen to this man. He knows of what he speaks.”
(Britt Santowski, Author/Facilitator)
M.T.“After we met through [Paul's] recent presentation in the Bay Area, I knew this program would be perfect for my grown son — he’s a geek (said lovingly) and can use help from experts like you in connecting with people. Thanks SO much for creating this DVD. I can tell from the part we watched this evening, it’s just what he needs!”
(M.T., San Francisco)

Does networking make you nervous? Does the thought of meeting new people
frustrate or even terrify you? You are not alone!

Yet most positions in today’s competitive workforce are filled by referrals to friends or
acquaintances. Even promotions can be tied to who knows you and can recommend
your work in good faith. So how can you overcome the challenges you face as a shy
or introverted person when it comes to building a professional network?

You’d be surprised to know the answer is not to force yourself into becoming an
overbearing extrovert. Nor does schmoozing need to come into play.

As someone who has experience in a wide range of industries and positions over the
years – from computer programmer to marketing consultant and even restaurateur -
I can tell you that having a supportive professional network behind you in any field
is imperative to your success and the sustainability of your career.

“But I can’t STAND networking!” you insist, “Why bother?”

Because your professional network could — no, WILL — end up being the safety net you
need someday and potentially the ladder by which you ascend to your desired position.

Come check it out with NO OBLIGATION. Just confirm your name/address above and
begin gleaning information to further your career from my years of experience in networking!


Paul Aaron Travis

Paul Aaron Travis

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