Shy & Introverted Business Owners, Avoiding Networking COSTS YOU
Have you said any of these lines to yourself or others?
  • “I’m too busy to network.”
  • “I know enough people already!”
  • “I must not be doing it right so I won’t do it at all…”
  • “I’ll start networking once I’m more stable.”
  • “I’d rather just take referrals ’cause I hate selling myself.”
  • “I’m just not cut out for networking — those slick extroverts are running the joint anyway.”
  • “As soon as I open my mouth, I wish I had never gone!”
Do You Know There’s an Alternative?

My name is Paul Aaron Travis and I know those feelings – worry about tripping over my own tongue, concern over what the other person thought about what I said, and deep down, a fear of judgment and rejection.

Even though I teach networking courses now, my career began very differently — as an engineer. So I was perfectly comfortable working with a computer all day but I was intimidated speaking to strangers. Then I “jumped the fence” into the marketing world and was absolutely blindsided by:

    • the importance of a professional network,
    • the fact I had nothing like that in place, and
    • my shyness being in direct opposition to developing one!

So, after a decade getting good at marketing (and years of conscious studying/effort at networking) I started my consulting practice, where networking is absolutely essential. I had also gotten married – to an introverted artist!

I learned the differences between shyness + introversion, and saw just how regularly both avoid networking – across industries but notably among accountants, analysts, engineers, graphic designers, architects, actuaries, and even in direct sales.

So, a few years ago, having become extremely connected, I followed my hunch: what worked for me could benefit others! I started coaching shy and introverted individuals to “reframe” the traditional notion of networking, and created the Business Friendship DVD. This led to the second edition online program to help more people.

“I’ve never met another person more connected than Paul. And not just is he connected, but each connection hold a meaning and a memory. The program he takes you through in this production will give you incredibly valuable tools that will not just make networking easier, but it will ensure that the connections you make are qualitative. Listen to this man. He knows of what he speaks.”
Britt Santowski, Author/Facilitator

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